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Project Management Global

Our global, cross culture business network works on projects with Mobile Applications, e-Learning-, Knowledge Management, online and real time services, Add-On's ERP and web-based tools to retrieve real time business data and processes, project and process control and resources planning with and by our partners.

Digital Africa: eLearning Innovations, University Alliances, Campus Management , Digital School, Digital Farm, Gamification and Assesment Virtual Campus

SAP Application, Implementation Consulting, Near-/Offshore, Cloud/MobileApps at                    GPOGlobal Partner Operations, Nairobi/Kenya:

Metropole City BPO/SSO virtual Data and Training Centre Nairobi
OD, PD, Talent Management, eLearning, Social Media and Collaboration
Start Up's and Enterprise Development, Capacity Building
Individual-, Team-, Leadership- and Management Coaching
Management/Organization Consulting (Private/Public Sector)  



Mobile Apps, Cloud and Analytics in various industries and more