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Do the right things – and do things right

Projects can be found today in all areas of a company – it is in product development, the IT infrastructure design or with different kinds of management tasks. Project work is a form of organization the appropriate is when interdisciplinary teams work on complex tasks. Project work is only successful with a set of specific rules supporting structuring, scheduling, visualization and more.

Maintain up-to-date information about peoples' skills and experience – so managers can discover expertise and employees can seek work that advances their careers.

We know and speak them since we successfully place in consulting projects of our daily. Information sessions on business strategy, benchmarking, coaching, project team or project manager training up to the introduction and use of project management systems - we offer the entire spectrum:

Continuous Innovation and Improvement

Are you ready to take a proactive approach to sustained and continuous innovation? Learn how SAP Business Suite applications can help you plan and manage strategy, projects, programs, and portfolios – all while boosting profitability.

Optimizing IT Demand and Supply

Empower your business with the software to make project decisions faster – and with clarity. See how SAP Portfolio and Project Management enables you to monitor current projects, evaluate portfolio changes, and analyze projects to ensure success.

Resource Management

Manage upcoming resource demand with information about effort, location, skill, and source requirements
Identify and deploy resources based on your organizational structure, roles and workflows
Improve the use of human, capital, and equipment assets
Deploy resources efficiently, assigning them to projects based on need, qualification, and availability

Analytics and Integration

Keep a close eye on all activities. Reports and dashboards provide the right views: detailed views for managers and a summary view for top executives.

Drill down to project status and compare planned and actual budgets and deadlines

Get out-of-the-box visibility into project-cost data, forecasts, baselines, and other KPIs