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Welcome to GPO Global Partner Operations

Single Source Consulting

The Networked Economy

We are a global acting and solution integration IT Consulting Company using a system and people centered approach to business applications and development. Headquartered in Germany, GPO executive team has nearly 100 consultants, developers and trainers experienced in international consulting, IT sourcing and services. We make major intellectual contributions to digital transfomation challenges fostering and engaging enterprises and consumers around the world. 


The New SAP Story

GPO portfolio comprises a wide range of consulting services. Our holistic approach to problem solving deals with people, process, technology and knowledge management. Our services span a wide range of business verticals like CRM, Supply Chain and Logistics, Mobile Computing, Telecommunications, Media, eLearning, Government and State-run Enterprises, Healthcare, and Small and Medium Enterprises.

Our Mission

Transformational Change

Change for Continuous Improvement and Development:
Our mission encapsulates our commitment to make change happen systemically in terms of people, process, technology and knowledge for achieving sustained performance for our clients. We work with our clients from outlining the daily problems and bottlenecks, identifying the business objectives of our solution through to final implementation and optimization.