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Corporate Governance - Graded Support

The out adiutor Factory Platform is offered as an annual subscription to teams that want to start delivering mission-critical applications that work across devices, in a fraction of the time. Here’s everything you'll get with an enterprise subscription Unlimited cases, 8x5 or 24x7 email and phone support, SLAs you can trust, and access to friendly expert assistance whenever needed.

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The convergence of the Internet of Things, Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data creates unprecedented opportunities for businesses to harness the power of technology. To help you capitalize on these opportunities, we draw on real-world examples and case studies to illustrate how customers can dramatically increase their “innovation currency” by leveraging new technologies and processes.

Multiple developers collaborating
Your entire team of developers, working across multiple applications, complex architectures and services, can create and continuously change in a collaborative environment.
Control your deployment model
In the cloud (public or private), on-premises, or in a hybrid configuration. Ensure full isolation of your applications and control the underlying infrastructure as needed for extra security, compliance or performance.
Secure integration and access
Integrate existing on-premises systems through a secure VPN, selectively require end-user access to   applications in the cloud to be from within your corporate network, and have single sign-on between all of them.
User monitoring and deep performance analytics
Make sure your applications are healthy and performing as designed from your users' perspective with automated performance instrumentation and advanced analytics to detect errors and bottlenecks.
Add more dev & test environments as needed
Ensure an error-free delivery process with an ad hoc number of continuously integrated environments for Testing, QA or Performance verification.