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Nothing Is More Sustainable Than Change

Do we need more technology, better tools - or must we in the end more people communicate with us, to the needs of end users and to the integration into the cultures, company and take care of organizational development?  Or it feels like too many managers at work than employees, because they ‘do’ the work' ?

Best Practices focus on how organizations can and are using predictive analytics to derive business value. It provides in-depth survey analysis of current strategies and future trends for predictive analytics across both organizational and technical dimensions, including organizational culture, infrastructure, data, and processes.

It looks at the features and functionalities that companies are using for predictive analytics and the infrastructure trends in this space. The report also offers recommendations and best practices for successfully implementing predictive analytics in the organization.

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Strategy and OD

Four Leadership Articles Worth Reading

What kind of organization do you want


A final component of change management is very simple…

We strongly believe that excellence in talent, leadership, and capability requires an outside-in not inside-out perspective. For talent, being outside-in means not being the employer of choice, but the employer of choice of employees customers would choose. It means that effective leadership is defined through the brand promise made to customers and the intangible leadership capital investors value. And that capability becomes defined as the identity of the firm in the mind of key customers.  As a project manager, legitimate issues should be welcome because the project cannot be successful by simply ignoring them.

It is worth noting, when other components of change management are implemented correctly, the great majority of employees will support the project, have legitimate concerns, or become somewhat indifferent. None of these hurt a project, and there will be fewer naysayers.